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DICENTIS Conference System

There are four new conference devices within the DICENTIS Conference System family. Each can be used for very specific purposes and meets a wide range of needs and applications.



With four new conference devices, the DICENTIS Conference System is able to cover all possible application area’s with its’ complete set of functions: discussion, dual discussion, identification, dual Identification, voting, dual voting, language selection, dual language selection, participant list, live video feed, third party apps, document viewing, internet access and presentation viewing. Different devices can be mixed in the same set-up to match the application or the organization’s unique needs. Each conference device can be used for very specific purposes and has a different set of advanced functionalities.

DICENTIS Discussion device

The DICENTIS Discussion device enables clear, productive discussion with advanced features such as the “Possible to speak” indication enabling participants to immediately engage in the discussion when the function is assigned. The dual use function allows two participants to share a single device, ensuring maximum efficiency and reduced cost.

DICENTIS Discussion device with voting

The DICENTIS Discussion device with voting incorporates standard parliamentary-style voting facilities. The device identifies the user via a built–in NFC (Near field Communication) card reader and enables quick and easy voting via colored voting touch buttons that only light up when the functionality is required. Even secret voting is possible.

DICENTIS Discussion device with language selector

The DICENTIS Discussion device with language selector features functions such as request to speak, dual use and user identification via the built-in NFC card reader for fast participant recognition. The device features a language selection menu so participants can hear the discussion in their own language when simultaneous interpretation is available. Selecting a language is easy and straightforward; simply plugging the headphone into the device will automatically activate the device’s language selection functionality. The delegate then scrolls through the list of available languages via the touch buttons on the device. Importantly, native characters are used in the on-screen list so participants can very quickly find their preferred language, and immediately focus on the meeting.

DICENTIS Discussion device with touchscreen

The device’s 4.5 inch touchscreen optimizes meeting efficiency by guiding the participants through the meeting, allowing them to easily identify each speaker and to view the speaker request list. The screen also provides easy access to the interpretation languages and voting information.

With the DICENTIS Discussion device with touchscreen, two participants can share the same device not only to discuss separately, but also to vote separately and the built-in NFC card reader will identify both users. They can even follow the meeting in two different languages. This all-in-one device saves table space and equipment costs.

DICENTIS Mutimedia device

To completely fulfill all conference needs, the DICENTIS Multimedia device has built-in multimedia features. The device identifies the user via a built-in NFC card reader. It even offers live video so delegates can see – as well as hear – the delegate speaking. Users can browse documents for easy information sharing ...and access the internet for finding current information on various topics.



No matter how your organization changes, your DICENTIS Conference System will adapt to answer your evolving needs.

  • Open platform based on the OMNEO media networking architecture for system flexibility and cost-effective installation and maintenance.
  • Easy integration with supporting systems to provide features such as automatic camera control.
  • License-based expandability for a future-proof system that can easily take on new functionality.
  • Optimized user experience to maximize meeting efficiency.
  • Mixed and customized setup of conference devices to best answer the organization’s unique needs.
  • Cable and power supply redundancy to ensure meetings are held without system interruption.
  • Secure encryption of all audio and control data running through the system to protect against tampering and unauthorized access.

The DICENTIS conferene devices support maximum meeting efficiency. All have been designed with industry-leading features to meet the highest quality standards

  • High Directive Microphone and intelligent Acoustic Feedback Suppression ensure crystal clear speech reproduction.
  • Loudspeaker and microphone can be active simultaneously to provide excellent speech intelligibility.
  • Conference devices with optimal ergonomic design.
  • Advanced discussion functionalities, such as the “Possible to speak” indicator, to immediately engage in the discussion when the function is available.


IP based conference solution

  • First IP-based conference system built on the OMNEO media networking architecture
  • Multimedia devices based on a version of the Android™ operating system for operation of third-party or custom-made apps
  • Audio, video, meeting data and internet access on the multimedia device
  • Open platform for integrating diverse products into complete system solutions
  • Extremely scalable and flexible

Conference devices

  • Intuitive user experience
  • Choice between 3 pluggable microphones: the High Directive, the Long Stem or Short Stem Microphone
  • Functional enhancements by adding software functionalities

Innovative technologies for outstanding speech intelligibility and natural sounds

  • Built-in Intelligent Acoustic Feedback Suppression
  • Advanced equalization for optimized acoustics in the room

Cost-effective installation and maintenance

  • Compatible with standard Ethernet infrastructures
  • Compatible with CAT5e (or higher) cables and Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches
  • Supports star and daisy-chain configurations
  • Facilities to upload software updates to all devices from a central location


The DICENTIS Conference System further enhances the meeting experience for all conference participants, resulting in more stimulating, more creative and ultimately more productive meetings.

The system is extremely versatile and therefore ideal for a wide variety of uses, from small organizations to multinational corporations, from local, regional and national governments to international summits.

The system is capable of connecting a network of up to 750 conference devices and seamlessly integrating with other systems sharing the same IP network such as video streams or content management systems.

Equipped with advanced Bosch audio technology and cable redundancy, these stylish discussion devices continue the Bosch tradition of acoustic excellence and system reliability.