CCS‑CMx CCS Chairman Unit

CCS‑CMx CCS Chairman Unit
  • Incorporates all functions of the CCS‑Dx CCS Delegate Units (with the exception of the Possible‑To‑Speak functionality/LED)
  • Priority button for chairman microphone
  • Temporary or permanent muting of delegate microphones
  • Optional chime tone facility for preceding chairman announcements
  • Modern, unobtrusive styling to match the CCS‑Dx CCS Delegate Units
  • Available with standard or extended length microphone stems

Product variants

CCS-CMS Дискусионно устройство, стол, къс мик.

CCS 900 chairman unit with short microphone, microphone stem length 313 mm (12.3 in).

Commercial Type No.: CCS-CMS
Product No.: F.01U.100.592

CCS-CML Дискусионно устройство, стол, дълъг мик.

CCS 900 chairman unit with long microphone, microphone stem length 488 mm (19.2 in).

Commercial Type No.: CCS-CML
Product No.: F.01U.100.593



DCN-DISCLM Cable clamp

DCN-DISCLM Cable clamp

DCN Next Generation cable clamps (25 pieces).

Commercial Type No.: DCN-DISCLM
Product No.: F.01U.011.610