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Conference Software Suite

DCN-SW-E Лиценз за софтуер на основен модул
  • Meeting & Agenda
  • User management
  • Client server solution
  • Optimized for Microsoft Windows 8.1 and 10
  • Off‑line configuration
  • Multi PC
  • Supports DCN Next Generation or DCN Wireless Discussion System
  • On‑screen help facility
DCN-SWMV Conference Software Multi Voting
  • Complete operator control of parliamentary, opinion poll and audience response voting sessions
  • Extensive motion preparation facilities
  • Output voting results to printers
  • Wide range of vote related parameter options
DCN‑SWAT Conference Software Attendance & Access
  • Attendance Registration using ID‑card with or without PIN‑code, or present button
  • Access Control using ID‑card with or without PIN-code or PIN‑code only
  • All data instantly available to operator
  • Print function to reproduce data
DCN‑SWSMD Conference Software Streaming Meeting Data
  • XML streams for easy processing and logging
  • Interface to video client applications to display meeting data by using video screens or video projectors
  • Video client application available on DCN‑SW DVD
  • Example C‑Sharp source code available on DCN‑SW DVD
  • Software developer manual available
DCN‑SWAPI Conference Software API
  • Control DCN meeting, session, discussion and voting
  • Exchange and synchronize delegate and participants information with 3rd party systems
  • Import of vote scripts
  • Encoding ID cards solution for 3rd party systems
  • C‑Sharp source code example available
DCN‑IDENC ID Card Encoder (USB)
  • USB (2.0) supported
  • ID card supported (DCN‑IDCRD)
  • Supported by DCN‑SW and LBB 4190/00
  • Attractive design
  • Ample space for a name or other delegate personal information
  • Clear instructions showing how to insert the card into a reader
DCN-SWVAML Voice Activated Microphone Logging
  • Log microphone activity to third party applications during Voice mode
  • Use automatic camera control in Voice mode
  • Record speaker information in Voice mode
  • See who speaks during Voice mode