Key Deposits and Accessories

Key Deposits
  • Robust housing made of injection-moulded aluminium.
  • Water-resistant outer door made of 5mm-thick corrosion-proof sheet steel.
  • Door strip not visible or assailable from outside.
  • Doorknob with predetermined breaking point.
  • Cover contact (microswitch)
  • Front with close-meshed surface protection (drill and intrusion protection).
  • The cover contact and surface protection can be monitored for interruption and short circuits by a security system to protect against sabotage or intrusion.
  • Inner door made of 5mm-thick corrosion-proof sheet steel.
  • Integrated heating.
SD-A Адаптер, кутия за ключове
  • Can be connected to all common fire alarm systems
  • Activation of all approved key depositories
  • Alarm can be forwarded by relay or potential-free output
  • Monitors the alarm line to the key deposit for interruption, sabotage and short circuits, and forwards a corresponding message to the control unit
  • An integrated door contact reports the opening of the housing to the control unit
  • Displays on the front panel:
    • LED red: 'Fire services key deposit alarm' if there is a fault on the alarm line
    • LED green: 'Fire brigade key deposit released' if the key deposit outer door has been opened
  • Internal operating elements:
    • 'Test' button to test the key deposit alarm line.
    • 'Reset' button to reset the key deposit alarm
  • Robust metal housing prepared for lead seal