Conventional Accessories

D344-TF Филтри за въздуховод, 20 бр.
  • Allow passage of smoke but restrict large particles
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
D344-RT Пластина отдалечен тест/индикатор, 24V
  • Highly‑visible LED indicators
  • Sensitivity voltage test point
  • Easily mounted and wired
  • Key-operated remote test and reset
FMM-100BB-R Повър. ст. кутия, 4,75x3,25x2,25", черв.
  • Red sheet-metal back box for interior surface-mount applications
  • Knockouts (1/2-inch) on the short sides
FMM-100WPBB-R Водоус. ст. кутия, 4,75x3,25x2,25" черв.
  • Weatherproof cast metal back box
  • Tapped hole for ¾‑in. NPT fitting
  • Easy to install