Bosch VMS Viewer 7.5

Bosch VMS Viewer 7.5
  • Live viewing of multiple cameras
  • Playback and export from storage
  • PTZ Control and digital zoom
  • Forensic Search
  • Live and Playback sites

Product variants

MBV-BVWR-75 BVMS визуализатор, базов

Commercial Type No.: MBV-BVWR-75
Product No.: F.01U.341.253

MBV-XCHAN-VWR BVMS разшир. камера/декодер визуализат.

Commercial Type No.: MBV-XCHAN-VWR
Product No.: F.01U.341.250

MBV-XDVR-VWR BVMS разширение визуализатор DVR

Commercial Type No.: MBV-XDVR-VWR
Product No.: F.01U.341.251

MBV-XSITE-VWR BVMS разширение визуализатор на сайт

Commercial Type No.: MBV-XSITE-VWR
Product No.: F.01U.341.252