EOL: Outdoor Dome Cameras

Outdoor Dome Cameras
  • Excellent resolution (570 TVL sensor resolution)
  • Three versions for all lighting environments
  • Flexible viewing field
  • Easy setup
  • Secure all-weather installation


VDA-WMT-AODOME Outdoor Wall Mount

VDA-WMT-AODOME Outdoor Wall Mount

Sturdy outdoor wall mount bracket for dome cameras (Ø166 mm)

Commercial Type No.: VDA-WMT-AODOME
Product No.: F.01U.268.900

VDA-PMT-AODOME Outdoor Pipe Mount

VDA-PMT-AODOME Outdoor Pipe Mount

Sturdy outdoor pipe mount bracket for dome cameras (Ø166 mm)

Commercial Type No.: VDA-PMT-AODOME
Product No.: F.01U.268.901


VDA-POMT-PTZDOME Pole Mount Adapter

Pole mount adapter for use with the appropriate wall mount for indoor and outdoor applications.

Commercial Type No.: VDA-POMT-PTZDOME
Product No.: F.01U.288.069